Thursday, August 29, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Picking Strawberries was on our bucket list this summer.  So, one morning I loaded the kids up and we found a U-Pick berry farm not too far away.  There's something about popping fresh, sun-ripened berries into my mouth that I LOVE.

When we got out of the car we could smell the berries!  Yum.   It didn't take long to fill up these two boxes.  We lucked out with big berries as this particular farm had just opened for picking and wasn't picked over yet.  The kids did most of the work as bending over in the heat 8 months pregnant just isn't as productive as you'd think.


We came home and made a batch of strawberry freezer jam the first day.  I like to use Certo Liquid Pectin by Sure-Jell and I always follow their recipes from inside the box.  The jars are Ball Plastic Freezer Jars.  I can find both at my local grocery stores or big box stores.


We cooked and processed two batches of strawberry peach jam the next day.  The strawberry peach was my favorite of the two.  Next time I'll try raspberry peach.

Do you pick fruits with your family?  What do you make with them?  I want to do peaches next summer!  In the mean time, I'm off to make more toast.

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