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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bloggy Bootcamp Recap

While I gained some good info at Bloggy Bootcamp, I also reprioritized this summer and decided to play instead of blog.  But, now I'm back and I have all sorts of fun projects we did over the summer to share with you!  But, first, I'll tell you about Bloggy Bootcamp.

I made a family trip of it and we met up with friends, visited some fun places in St. Louis and had some delicious food.  I still have things on my St. Louis Bucket List though so we'll be back for sure!

The Bloggy Bootcamp conference was Saturday and was well worth the $99 ticket. 

Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci of The SITS Girls were friendly, funny and full of great information. 

We heard from Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie.  She talked about the business of blogging and gave us her Top 10 Lessons she's learned as well as her Top 10 Things she wished she'd known when she started.

Cynthia Wheeler of NW Designs is a blog and graphic designer.  She shared excellent tips on how your blog should look, what to avoid and how to make it pleasing to the eye.

Dali Burgado talked about SEO including using Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Danielle Smith of Extrodinary Mommy gave us some tips on vlogging.

Allison Talamantez of Sway In Real Life told us all about sponsors and working with companies.

I met lots of bloggers gathered lots of business cards.  I was surprised at the variety of bloggers, mommy bloggers, travel gurus, a cupcake lady, crafters, diet and health bloggers and more.

And passed out a few of my own.  I printed these up before I left, tied on a ribbon and gave them out as bookmarks.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Weekend

I spent yesterday working on invitations for my kid's upcoming birthday parties. 

My son is turning five this year and wants his "own" party this year with his own theme and only to invite his friends.  And that's what he's getting.  He and his sister's birthdays are three days apart so we've combined a party and an Easter Egg hunt the last couple of years.  But this's all about SUPERHEROES.

Since he's having a party, I thought I'd throw a little one for her as well.  Really, it's just going to be a glorified play date with cupcakes.  She's turning three and is just as excited about her party.

I love to plan parties and I love the prep work as much as the party.  Creating invitations, games and decorating is all part of the fun for me.

We're off to deliver the invites today and hopefully get to a few other things like:
  • Attend a Dinosaur birthday party!  I'll post pictures later. 
  • String and hang plastic eggs in our tree.  We're completely inspired by this Eirbaum by Volker Kraft in the Czech Republic.  10,000 eggs!  Think my neighbors would mind?
  • Work in the yard.  We're having an unusually early & warm spring.
  • Buy and stuff some plastic eggs to mail off to the cousins like Amberlee at GiversLog.
  • Find an fun Easter tradition to start.  I'd love any suggestions for ideas leading up to Easter that you do with your family.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

ABC Book posted this Summer ABC book under "Easy Paper Crafts to do with Your Kids" on their website and I thought it would be a good activity for my little girl.  As the second child, I don't work as diligently with her on her alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, etc...than I did with my first.  I'd been looking for a little activity we could do together and this was perfect.

I started out with a set of 4 x 6 ABC index dividers, 4 x 6 blank index cards and a little notebook with two binder rings that fit them all perfectly.  I thought this would be a little more sturdy than their version.

My three hole punch was spaced perfectly for two of the holes so it was just a matter of centering the dividers and index cards.

I wrote each letter with a Sharpie on the front of each divider.

Then we searched for pictures to fill up the book with.  She glued on some we cut from magazines and printed photos.  I drew the others. 

My son helped her guess what each word started with and then they filled up the book as they went along.

We'll continue to add to it as she learns her alphabet.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Out of this World Valentine

My son picked out these little glow-in-the-dark aliens to give out as valentines.  His preschool specifically asked not for candy or treats so we headed to Party City and this is what he found.

I created a background and printed them on card stock. 

He attached each alien with glue dots and then signed his name.

We packaged them up in clear envelopes from ClearBags.  Check them out for any paper, envelope, packaging and cellophane needs.  All sizes and colors.  Seriously.  I have stacks of colored envelopes in many sizes sitting around for projects just like this one.  I like the envelopes because they are flat and are self sealing.

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Picture Perfect Valentines

Wandering through Party City this weekend, my daughter picked out these Hello Kitty cameras to give as Valentines.  They were $0.35 each and we only needed 12.  They have little pictures of Hello Kitty inside like a ViewMaster. 

I printed up a message on white cardstock and glued on a black square to look like a Polaroid picture.

She placed each camera on with glue dots.

We packaged them up in clear envelopes from ClearBags.  They are self sticking and close flat. 

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a-MAZE-ing Valentines

I saw this idea on Pinterest and followed the link over to the Jac o' lyn Murphy blog by Alexis.  I completely copied her idea because it was so simple and cute.  This could easily be modified with other shaped mazes for goodie bags or parties.

I found my mazes in a package of 9 at Dollar Tree.  LOVE the Dollar Tree.

I printed up the valentines on cardstock, rounded the corners and turned them over to my son. He used glue dots to put the mazes on.

Then we packaged them up in clear envelopes from Clearbags.  They are a great resource for cellophane bags, gift packaging, envelopes and more.  I mail cards in the clear envelopes often.  You simple address and stamp the back side so the cute side of your card shows through.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plantable Paper Cards

I saw this idea few years ago in Family Fun Magazine to make home made paper cards with flower seeds in them to plant. This year we carried out the idea.

First my son cut up paper. He loves to cut so this was a perfect job for him.
We soaked it all day in water to soften it.
I blended it up then he poured it in.
My neighbor had a paper making kit we borrowed to do all of the steps but there are plenty of tutorials and videos out there on how to make it with just a screen.
I added perennial seeds to the wet paper and then we let it dry.
When all was dry he drew on them and we mailed them off to his grandmas for Mother's Day.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Recycled Postcards

I mail letters and postcards to family and friends often. Several a week. So I started cutting out postcards to send from boxes of things we use. Easy and free.

What fun things have you made postcards out of?

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Monogram Letter

I found this wooden letter on clearance for $3 a few months ago and thought it'd make the perfect base for a collage of some type. In an effort to economize my Christmas gifts and make something special for my nieces, it became a Christmas gift. It already had a wall hanger on the back and being wood, I knew it would hold up nicely. It was red so I spray painted it black. Then I printed off black and white pictures of my niece growing up, including several of us together, and used mod podge to glue them on. It turned out looking better than I thought considering I used regular copy paper. She loved it.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Illustrated Christmas Cards

We moved to a new city this year and had plans to take a picture of our family with the new skyline but it never happened. So instead of a photograph this year I drew our Christmas card. I included several recognizable buildings and tried to get simple characteristics in each of us. I drew the final version with a Sharpie pen then copied them onto cardstock and had them cut to 10 x 7 size. I printed, "Merry Christmas from the Windy Cindy" on the inside. Then I colored a few details of each card with red pencil. I mailed them off in red envelopes.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Recycled Wrapping

With a plethera of packing paper around here we've been making our own wrapping paper for birthday gifts. The kids love to color it and I love that it's quick and cheap. Here are a few fun ways we've wrapped gifts lately with the name or age of the recipient.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving Announcement

I created a moving announcement and wanted to share the concept with you. I can't share the actual announcement because it has WAY too much personal info on it. I basically created a "flyer" for a Bed & Breakfast with our name and info on it. I printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 glossy paper and had them tri-folded then mailed them out like they were a flyer for a bed and breakfast. It had a picture of our new home, some info on our town then these three pictures and captions in the middle section:

Hot Breakfast Served Daily

Complimentary Wake Up Calls

Jacuzzi Tubs

I then listed that there are "Winter Discounts Available" since we moved to the cold and everyone has said they'll come visit, but only in the summer. I included a map of the city with a star on our town and then our new contact information.

They were so quick and easy compared to the ones I sent last time I moved. I created them on the computer. Kinkos printed and folded them and then I mailed them out. I even found green envelopes with a matching shaped address area that matched after I'd had them printed.

I've gotten many compliments on them and I'm glad I sent them out.

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