Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crayon Heart Valentines

I remember melting down my old crayons as a kid and making new crayons/shapes/blobs to color with and I've seen these all over lately and even on Martha. So, when I saw these heart ice cube trays in the dollar spot at Target I snagged a set. They had a silicone heart pan but it was $8.00. This one didn't say it was heat proof but I figured if it melted I was only down a buck.
Then I peeled a few crayons. I had some left-over, fairly new ones from a holiday party in the 24 colors so they were perfect. I figured the fastest way to peel them was with an exacto knife and I was right. The peels came right off.Then I broke them into little pieces with a mallet in plastic bags. This was WAY easier than breaking them up by hand. Crayons are harder than you'd think.
Then I put all the pieces into the mold. I tried to group colors so I didn't end up with brown blah like I did as a kid.
Then I threw them in the oven (and crossed my fingers that these cheap ice cube trays didn't melt) at 200* and waited. They took about 12 minutes in my oven. My second batch I pulled a little earlier so they colors didn't meld as much. I even threw all of the leftover crumbs in one and got a great multicolored one.
Here are my hands after peeling them out of the molds. Pretty.
My favs are the ones with white on them. I love the marbled look. You can see the multi-colored one waaaay up there in the corner.
Then we packaged them up to hand out for Valentines day to the cousins and friends today.
And we kept a few for ourselves, of course.
While purple is my favorite color, I'd say that this blue green by Crayola is one of my favorite crayon colors. And I even have all 96 colors.
What's your favorite color crayon?

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  1. I did something similar for my daughters preschool valentines party. Mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! I used one of those $10 molds and it's ruined, and I used off brand crayons (Dollar Tree and Michaels)...They don't work very well! I ended up with chunky, chunky crayons because some melted way to fast and others never melted (even after 20 min in the oven). It was fun to do though! Maybe next time mine will look as pretty as yours!

  2. I havce always wanted to do this, and now I know how! Thanks for the step by step run down!! So cute!!Wonder if Target has any of those ice tray left?

  3. I keep wanting to do this with the kids' old crayons, but you had extra cute ideas. My son would love star shapes & mixing like colors is a fantastic idea. I always had the brown blah ones, too. LOL

  4. Adorable idea- like always!

    I have been wanting to get a Food Saver. Now that was smart freezing all the food before having your baby! Brillant!

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  6. I've been too scared to cook our ice cube trays but you can bet I'll be doing it now!! Thanks for trying it out ; )

    I spray my aluminum heart pan with a tiny bit of non-stick cooking spray and the crayons pop right out!

  7. Great idea! You are so creative!

  8. LOVE this idea! I'll have to give it a try!

  9. I love this- I really like the marbled look, thanks for sharing!

  10. I have tons of broken crayons laying around, I can't wait to make these for my boys. Great Idea:)

    Kristie from

  11. This is great alternative to candy, especially with all the food allergies in classrooms today...

    I want to go to target and get those molds right now, but it's like 10 degrees outside...

    If you have a moment, please link up to Creative Juice Thursday!


  12. I LOVE this idea! We've made crayons before but never thought to make them as gifts. Super cute idea! Glad I found this post.

  13. I bought those heart trays too! I love this! I have a huge bag of used crayons and was contemplating what to do. This is a great idea to hand out to my class next week. Looks like I will be making some this weekend! Thanks for sharing the tips and techniques to make it easier!

  14. Beautiful hearts! Soaking the crayons is warm/hot water is another way to get the wrappers off.