Thursday, April 19, 2012

Superhero Birthday Party

My son had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and he requested a party at home with his friends.  So that's what he got. 

He is all about superheros these days so he was happy to choose a superhero theme.  I was happy to oblige and, sticking with my "keep it simple" motto this year, I tried to keep it pretty simple.

I created the invitations and mailed them out in red envelopes. 

I found some $0.50 comic books and created comic book bunting.  I found my inspiration for this at One Charming Party.  She stitched hers between bias tape.  I went even simpler and used thin blue duck tape.  I ran out of that and finished the last two banners with blue painters tape.  It held up fine and looked great.

I took some metal signs from my son's room and set them on the mantle, then I decorated the rest of it with his superhero figures.  I told you he loves them.  He's gotten them for Christmas and birthdays for the last two years. 

I found a cute idea to have each kid make a cape over at Ambrosia Girl's Blog.  I purchased sticky back felt, like she did.  Then I cut each child's initial out.  They each decorated their "shield" with stars, diamonds and lightning bolts.  I had intentions to make quick, simple capes but when I stumbled upon these red ones at Target for $2.00 each, I knew I could check that off my list.  They were on the party goods aisle, near the bottom, under the superhero themed party supplies. 

For one of the games, I set up his Bat Cave and Joker's Fun House with all of the villains.  The kids had to shoot down the villains with little Nerf guns. 

My husband strung yarn in the hallway for laser training. 

We filled the basement with balloons.  They were a huge hit and not one toy got pulled out.  Bonus.  We stayed down there to play musical chairs, hot potato and knock down some villains. 

I made cupcakes with blue icing and added little toppers than I printed off to look like superhero logos.

He requested pizza so we kept the food very simple.  I like to use a party as a special excuse to buy the random things they ask for but I never buy like Koolaid Bursts.  I threw out some Cheese Puffs and fruit and called it good.  That was plenty of food for five and six year olds. 

Everyone went home with a bag of superhero themed goodies.  I found things at the dollar spot in Target and Michael's.  The superhero candy was found at Dollar Tree.  I stuffed them into blue cellophane bags tied up with a green ribbon.

Everyone had fun and he is already planning his party for next year. 

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  1. Amazing!! just what I needed for my 4 year old. btw, where did you find the metal signs? Those are fabulous.

  2. Great post from this superhero party!! The little kiddos seem to have great fun in this indoor bash. At some local Los Angeles event venues I also threw a small family Halloween themed party on my daughter’s 10th birthday. It was truly a fantastic family event!!