Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun Mail

I found the idea to mail out Easter Eggs from AmberLee over at Giver's Log.  She mails out all sorts of fun things. 

I found large eggs all over town but settled on some from Wal-Mart that were filled with Pop Rocks.  They were only $1.00 each compared to $3.00 or 4.00.  I mailed out ten so went with the cheapest option that was large enough to stuff a few things in.

We filled them with little candies, trinkets, and stickers. 

Then we taped them up mailed them off to our cousins and friends. 

The postal workers got a kick out of seeing them there.  They told me they've seen things much more odd than Easter eggs come through there.

The same week, my kids received Easter / Birthday packages in the mail throughout the week.   One of their favorites was this one:

Their Aunt Heather mailed them each goodies in those round balls you find and fill at Party City.  They were fun to find in the mailbox. We've got two to recycle now so we'll be mailing them onto someone else in the future!

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  1. These were a lot of fun to make and to receive! I definitely have to keep strange things in mind next time I decide to mail something. LOL! I had no idea you could mail random things like eggs!

  2. The strangest thing I have mailed is cereal box postcards and a hot-cocoa tin stuffed with goodies. I now have a new reason to hold on to those odd containers that I always wish I had something cute to do with!