Friday, November 2, 2012

Kiddie Olympics

We held an Olympics for the kids in our neighborhood this summer. 

Every parent came up with a game and brought something yummy to eat.

I made popcorn torches.

Someone else brought this cute flag fruit cookie.

Another brought red, white and blue rocket pops!

The events included a long jump on bubble wrap, discus throwing, a scooter relay race, squirting down foam cups, shooting foam rockets and a cup relay race.

I handed out kazoos to have them hum the national anthem (which they didn't know) and then handed out gold medals.

I thought it only appropriate that Caitlin, dressed for the occasion, hand out the  medals. 

I made the medals out of cardboard coasters I found on clearance in the dollar spot at Target. I spray painted them gold, added some designs with gold glitter puffy paint, then hot glued on the ribbons.

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