Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank You Cards

I had this great idea in my head to have my kids hold papers that said "Thank" and "You" and then use that picture to send Christmas thank you cards this year. My kids had other plans. They were all over the place, the words weren't always visible and my baby girl started screaming when my two year old tried to hold her on his lap. Then he started giving that cheesy smile he gives when I ask him to smile. So, I made a collage of several of the pictures, printed them, mounted them on red card stock and wrote, "So much for the perfect shot" on the front. Then I used them as thank you notes for all of our Christmas gifts and goodies we received this year. Even though I didn't get a perfect shot, I got a pretty good one for my family Christmas cards and thought these were a good reflection of what it's like trying to get them both to hold still and smile for a pose!

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