Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mail for a good cause

If you've read this blog, you know I love to send (and receive *wink wink*) mail. So, when I read on other people's blogs about sending letters or cards to kids, I'm on it.

A few days before Christmas I received and email from Kristi, organizer of the Pink Christmas gift exchanges of the past and "Pink" of the 2CleverBlog (links to your right), asking people to send stars to her niece, Claire. She's almost five years old and has had countless medical problems and they wanted the stars to align so she could be at home for Christmas. So, Kristi, being creative and being a great Aunt, requested people to send her a paper star in an envelope. I couldn't send just one so my son* and I pulled out my scrap box and spent Christmas Eve morning cutting up tons of stars and mailed them off to her.

Then I colored stars all over the envelope.

It was the perfect project to do with my son and explain why we were doing it.

Earlier this year I sent of a card for a similar situation. Lisa Bearnson, former editor of Creating Keepsakes Magazine, posts about sick people or someone who's had a recent struggle on her blog often and asks people to send cards to them or include them in your prayers. I've sent off several "happy" and "cheer up" cards. Here's one I made to send to Spencer, a little terminally ill boy who wanted to get a letter from all fifty states before he died. She suggested that everyone throw in a dollar as a nice surprise as well. So, of course, I had to make him a Texas flag card.

Fortunately, I'm not close to anyone who is need of mail like this currently but I do love sharing the joy of getting good mail with others.

*He's two but he LOVES to cut. So, I cut stars, he cut bits of paper but he'll do it for hours if I let him.

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  1. oh my goodness. Thank you so much for sending those.
    They just returned home from the Hospital and have been there since Christmas so I have not really had a chance to ask her how mnay stars they got.
    But thank you so much for sharing some of your stars!!!