Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week was last week and I wanted to do something small even though we are so close to the end of the year.  I also wanted simple and quick.  So, I copied this idea from my friends over at the 2CleverBlog.


I found the light bulb jars with screw on lids at Hobby Lobby.  When I went in the glassware was all 50% off so I scored the jars for just $0.75!  At that price I bought ten and decided to do a little gift for all of my son's teachers: classroom, nurse, gym, music, librarian, office secretaries and the principal.

I picked up a jar of Great Chef Gourmet Jelly Beans from Sam's Club for $10 and filled all ten jars and still have half of them left over.  I love Jelly Bellies but these were much cheaper and had great flavors.

I even copied her cute tags.  I added photos of my son and phrases like:

Thanks for "bean" a great principal and helping our school "shine."

Thanks for "bean" a great teacher and making me so "bright."

Thanks for "bean" a great librarian and "lighting" my mind with books!
My son signed his name on the tags and we were done.  Thanks for the great idea, Think!  So cute and so simple.  I love that we were able to show a little appreciation for so many at the school without breaking the bank.

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