Tuesday, May 14, 2013

14 Acts of Love: Follow Up

I thought I'd share with you a few of the acts of service we performed in February for our 14 Acts of Love project.  You can find photos as well on Instagram under #14actsoflove.

I tried to include the kids as much as possible to teach them about serving others.  Here are a few things we did in the days leading up to Valentine's Day:

  • Dropped off cookies from a local bakery to our librarians
  • Baked goodies for our local firemen
  • Delivered batches of puppy chow (muddy buddies) to friends, teachers and school bus drivers
  • I shoveled my neighbor's driveway when her husband was out of town
  • Left chocolates and a Starbucks gift card for our mailman (it was COLD here in February)
  • Collected and delivered maternity clothes to a women's advocacy center
  • Delivered coloring books and colored pencils to a hospital waiting room
  • Gathered supplies and assembled homeless care kits
  • Mailed off cards to servicemen and women overseas (we got the addresses from www.anysoldier.com)
  • Left change taped to a soda machine at the recreation center
  • Dropped off goodies to a sick friend
  • Sent a Box of Sunshine to a friend who was blue
  • Donated to a canned food drive
  • Paid for the person behind us in the drive-through
On Valentine's Day morning I snuck out early and stapled foam hearts to the flags on the mailboxes of my neighbors in my cul-de-sac.   I stole this idea here from Pink over at 2CleverBlog.

It was fun to wake up each day and think of how we could serve others and we've done it randomly throughout the spring as well.  I think it will be a tradition we'll continue each year.

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