Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pink Care Package: Baby Girl!

My best friend found out she was having a girl a few months ago. 

So I did the only thing that seemed natural.  I sent her off a care package of all things pink! 

I included some goodies for her like candy, lip gloss, nail polish, nail files and socks as well as some goodies for the baby like a blanket, snuggle, pacifiers, rattle and a Perfect Piggies board book by Sandra Boynton.  I also included some balloons and candy for her other two children.

Did you know they sell pink hot cocoa??  I found it at Michael's.

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  1. Get well care packages

    If kids are hiking and camping out, consider a compass or windup flashlight. Some parents send individual powdered drink packets to improve what one mom described as "yucky camp water."