Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photo Bookmarks

For Mother's Day and Father's Day this year I created bookmarks of my kids to send to our parents.  I found the idea over at Creative Family Moments

I followed her tutorial pretty close and ended up with some pretty cute bookmarks.  We sent the one of my daughter to our moms and the one of my son to our dads.

I followed the tutorial from her site.  Here's the link to the tutorial. 

I took photos of my kids outside with their hands up in the air.  I printed them 5 x 7 sized to get a good sized bookmark.

Here are the finished bookmarks.  I liked them so much I even made a couple for myself.

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  1. I think this would be cute as Christmas ornaments, too. Have the kids hold a sign with the year and then do the same as the bookmark.

  2. I saw your link at Creative Family Moment's post and wanted to come see how yours turned out...super cute! We made them for Mother's Day and I love how simple these are to make. Plus they last.