Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homemade Trophy

For my brother's 40th birthday I decided to make him a homemade trophy similar to the last one I made.

I spent a few months gathering things that made me think of him like:
  • a Legoman with a mohawk
  • a 1984 Monte Carlo Hot Wheels car
  • a basketball
  • a set of dice
  • a fishing pole and a big bass
  • an old school boom box
  • miniature tools (from the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby)
  • nuts & bolts
  • a fountain (his livelihood)
  • chess pieces
  • an army guy
  • a miniature Atari controller
  • an electric guitar
These are all of the goofy things I remember about growing up with him.  He wanted to be a punk rocker.  He shaved his hair into a mohawk.  He drove a beater of a Monte Carlo to the ground.  He likes to play chess and other board games.  He plays basketball. And he loves to fish. 
I did a similar concept to the last one with a wooden base, an upside down plastic margarita glass and a bowl glued to the top of that. 

I hot glued everything onto that. Then I spray painted it gold. 

I sure hope he's proudly displaying it somewhere visible in his house!

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  1. That is just awesome! Love the Atari controller.

    1. Thanks. That was a miniature one I found filled with candy.

  2. What a fabulous and creative idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. This is fabulous! I'm going to have to steal this idea! :)

  4. you are a genius!! this one is awesome!! :) :)