Monday, February 13, 2012

a-MAZE-ing Valentines

I saw this idea on Pinterest and followed the link over to the Jac o' lyn Murphy blog by Alexis.  I completely copied her idea because it was so simple and cute.  This could easily be modified with other shaped mazes for goodie bags or parties.

I found my mazes in a package of 9 at Dollar Tree.  LOVE the Dollar Tree.

I printed up the valentines on cardstock, rounded the corners and turned them over to my son. He used glue dots to put the mazes on.

Then we packaged them up in clear envelopes from Clearbags.  They are a great resource for cellophane bags, gift packaging, envelopes and more.  I mail cards in the clear envelopes often.  You simple address and stamp the back side so the cute side of your card shows through.

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  1. Amy they look fabulous!! Great job and that signature is the best :)
    Happy Valentine's Day,