Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marbled Hearts

We've had some unusually warm weather here in the Midwest but it turned COLD again last week.  So, we spent a day in our jammies doing crafts. 

We made marbled paper and I made marbled hearts using vellum.  I love the way the light shows through them in the window.

Anytime we paint or get messy, the kids start off in their aprons from Stubby Pencil Studio.  They are kid sized, cute and coated in acrylic.  They wipe off so easily that I rarely even wash them.  They cook in them, paint in them and make plenty of messes in them.  Little Miss was wearing this cute frog one when we did this:

First the kids spread shaving cream around in a pan.

Next we added drops of food coloring then they swirled the colors around.

They pressed down card stock and vellum into the shaving cream.

We scraped off the shaving cream and were left with some great swirls and marbleized designs. 

I cleaned up the food coloring mess then added Elmer's glue to some shaving cream and we painted pictures.  They busted out the glitter for these ones.  The mixture dries puffy and looks like snow.

It was a very messy day and we all had food coloring stain on our hands for a couple of days, but I'm okay with that.  Because we had fun and we were creative!

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