Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Stocking Caps

While visiting Texas for Christmas my friend, who works in the NICU, asked me if I'd crochet some striped stocking caps for the babies they had as a surprise for the parents for Christmas.  I'd never crocheted hats but looked up a couple of patterns, combined them for simplicity and got to work.  They were FAR from perfect but they weren't actually wearing them anywhere except for a picture.  They were so tiny that they were pretty quick once I got the hang of it.  My mom and I crocheted one afternoon and whipped up 11 of them.  My nieces made the braids and pom-poms.  I used Simply Soft yarn by Caron (my new fav) and don't think I'll go back.  It's SO soft and stays soft.  My mom crocheted my son a baby blanket out of it and, five years later, yep...still soft.  My Michael's doesn't carry it but Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and Wal-Mart do.

Don't ask me what pattern I used.  Like I said, I tried two different ones and kind of ended up doing my own thing in the end.  The ones I tried never would have tapered like this or fit a preemie.

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