Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eggers Cartoon Contest

Do you remember the Eggers Cartoon Contest from the Sunday newspaper funnies?  They used to run in the Sunday paper each week.  Basically, you drew something that was in the shape of an egg and used the word, "egg" in the title and they'd publish it. 

My mom recently mailed me a box of old school work, report cards, and other childhood things she'd filed away.  Included in the package were two copies of my winning Eggers cartoon from the 1990 local Sunday paper.  Yep, that's right.  My creative side goes waaaaay back.  Here's my copy of "The Little Mermegg."  I was so famous that Sunday they even showed my cartoon in church! 

I enjoyed my five minutes of fame.  Do you remember those?  Did you ever enter?

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  1. Yes! Eggers came up in conversation last night and I've been searching for any info online. It has to be the most egregious use of pun in a public forum of all time. I sent a "Napole-egg Bonaparte" in, but was not published. Soul crushing for a six year old. Your Merm-egg is pretty good, though.