Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shark Party

We watched some of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel last week and we hit up the library to stock up on books about sharks. We talked about making shark cupcakes and I figure if you're going to make cupcakes, you may as well have a party. It was very last minute and very casual but the kids all had fun celebrating all things shark.

 I printed a sign for the front door and cut a "bite" in a surf board from a luau I threw years ago.
My niece dressed up in my neighbor's man eating shark costume. Love it.
She also headed up the games. The kids played pin the fin on the shark. I drew the shark and my son colored the water.
They played a fish toss game and threw inflatable fish into a shark's mouth.  I thought about making a shark's mouth on a board to throw them into but, considering I planned it two days before the party, I blew that off and just bought a blue trashcan at the dollar store and added teeth and eyes.  Found the fish at Party City with the summer clearance.

They played a shark version of hot potato and fish, fish, shark instead of duck, duck, goose.
I made them all shark fin hats to wear and fed them gummy sharks, fin cupcakes and Nemo fruit snacks.
Afterwards we all headed to play in the water with their new shark prizes.

Did you do anything fun for Shark Week?

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  1. The cupcakes and costume as the best! Love it. You are so clever. I wish I was your neighbor.