Saturday, May 14, 2011

Best Kiss Party + Contest

I had a Best Kiss Party before I moved but I don't think I blogged about it on here. So, I'll blog about my latest one here.

The kisses are some of the most anticipated and celebrated scenes of many movies. I asked everyone to bring a dvd with their favorite kiss scene and we'd spend an evening in watching the best parts of movies...the long awaited kisses. Last time I did this party in the fall but this time I planned accordingly and bought up "kiss" prizes from the Valentine's Day clearance.

I served popcorn and drinks and asked everyone to bring their favorite movie candy or snack.
We started with some kiss quote trivia. They read quotes about kissing from movies and had to guess what movie they were from.

I had prizes lined up to give away in categories like most romantic, sloppiest, best all around, hottest guy, cutest, etc. In the end we really didn't all agree on the votes and I've since forgotten which movie won which award so I'll just show you the gals with their prizes and tell you which movie they brought.
Melissa brought Sixteen Candles and picked the kiss at the end between Sam & Jake sitting on table (I'm reading the novel If You Were Here right now about a gal who buys "Jake Ryan's" house in the Chicago burbs. If you love John Hughes movies, read it! It is by Jen Lancaster.)
Nikki picked the wedding kiss from Braveheart. Very romantic.
Julie picked the Notebook kiss in the rain. "It wasn't over for me. It STILL isn't over!"
Rachel brought Some Kind of Wonderful where Keith and Watts practice kissing. Love it. Bought the soundtrack just for the song playing when they kiss.
Emily brought Sweet Home Alabama and picked the kiss at the end with the lightning. Loved that movie, too.
Samantha picked Moulin Rouge and we looked all over for a kiss but never found a specific one, but I know they kiss, I've seen it plenty.
I showed several kisses because there are just so many good ones. My top picks were Maid of Honor (where they kiss at her bachelorette party in the bar) and Practical Magic (the kiss at the beginning is so great!) We also watched some kissing montages from Youtube.

My son was so excited when he woke up the next morning and there were prizes left. He picked the lips lollipop which was pretty humorous.
I have a couple of other prizes left and I'm going to mail one of them to you! Leave a comment with your favorite movie kiss and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday the 18th and mail you a prize.

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  1. favorite kiss is from my favorite movie: First Daughter! I like the kiss on the forehead the best!!!

  2. My favorite kiss in a movie would hands down be Twilight! What a cute giveaway.

  3. Only two takers, huh? Send me your addresses and I'll send you both a prize for playing along!