Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Care Packages

Haven't done much crafting as I'm still unpacking, organizing, painting, and getting settled from moving across the country. I am walking distance to Michael's in my new house though...so there's much to come!

In the mean time, we've received all sorts of fun mail and packages from the cousins back in Texas and wanted to send them something in return. I sent off a couple of these packages to the bigger kids who just finished off the school year. I included water balloons, glow sticks, silly bands, squirt guns, freezer pops, candy, punching balloons, sidewalk chalk and other small things I found in the dollar spots at the stores.
I topped them off with this note and some colorful shredded paper. I spray painted the insides of the boxes as well.
Doodled up the outsides of the boxes and mailed them off.
I sent this smaller package of nail polish to some younger nieces to enjoy. The polishes were all $1.00 so I didn't spend much. Packages can be inexpensive these days and don't you just love getting something fun in the mail?

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  1. We loved our package! Madison was so excited to open the box she could barely stand it! Thank you for a wonderful gift!