Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best Movie Kiss Party

There's always a reason to have a party, right? I hosted a "Best Movie Kiss Party" last week and it was lots of fun. I had everyone send me the YouTube link to their picks or bring the dvd of their favorite movie kiss. Then we watched the kiss scenes of our favorite movies and watched a few YouTube montages as well. We then voted on the categories I had prizes for. I found several "lip" shaped prizes including key chains, lip gloss and magnets.

I printed and cut up little strips of movie quotes that were about kissing and we took turns guessing what movie they were from.

I filled a jar with Hershey Kisses and gave it to the person who guessed how many were in it. (She boycotted taking it home so I had to eat them myself. Seriously, though they're still in the jar and I'm scared to open it for fear of eating them all.)

I served nachos and popcorn and had everyone bring their favorite movie candy to share. Easy and cheap.

Here's my dog and I sporting the wax lips I handed out.

My friend, Stacy, won "Wettest Kiss" for Sweet Home Alabama and "Sweetest Kiss" for a Princess Bride montage she found on YouTube.

My friend, Jeni, won "Hottest Kiss" for Ghost (the clay know the one).

My sister, Ginger, won "Best Overall Kiss" for Wicker Park.

Some of the other movies we enjoyed kisses from were: Cold Mountain, 16 Candles, Titanic, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Baby Boom, Sand Lot, Princess Bride, Never Been Kissed, Some Kind of Wonderful, Made of Honor, Wedding Singer, North & South, Hope Floats and Practical Magic. We also found all sorts of cute kiss scene montages on YouTube that we watched.

This would be best to do around Valentine's day as you could find decorations and prizes a little easier.

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