Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ginger's Quilt

When I say I made a quilt, that means that I cut up squares, stitched them together and tied them in the center with yarn. I've never actually "quilted" a quilt but would love to. Maybe I'll take a class.
When my sister got married I made her a quilt as a wedding gift. I bought a sheet set I liked in queen size and used the flat sheet as the back of the quilt and I cut up the fitted sheet and mixed it in with the other quilt squares. I love the colors of this quilt and now that she's been married for five years, it's nice and soft when I use it at her house. It was more work than I thought since it was queen sized and we were all busy with wedding things, showers, bachelorette party, etc...but I made a big mess and finished it so she could open it with her wedding gifts. There's a lot of love in this quilt.

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