Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Weekend

I spent yesterday working on invitations for my kid's upcoming birthday parties. 

My son is turning five this year and wants his "own" party this year with his own theme and only to invite his friends.  And that's what he's getting.  He and his sister's birthdays are three days apart so we've combined a party and an Easter Egg hunt the last couple of years.  But this's all about SUPERHEROES.

Since he's having a party, I thought I'd throw a little one for her as well.  Really, it's just going to be a glorified play date with cupcakes.  She's turning three and is just as excited about her party.

I love to plan parties and I love the prep work as much as the party.  Creating invitations, games and decorating is all part of the fun for me.

We're off to deliver the invites today and hopefully get to a few other things like:
  • Attend a Dinosaur birthday party!  I'll post pictures later. 
  • String and hang plastic eggs in our tree.  We're completely inspired by this Eirbaum by Volker Kraft in the Czech Republic.  10,000 eggs!  Think my neighbors would mind?
  • Work in the yard.  We're having an unusually early & warm spring.
  • Buy and stuff some plastic eggs to mail off to the cousins like Amberlee at GiversLog.
  • Find an fun Easter tradition to start.  I'd love any suggestions for ideas leading up to Easter that you do with your family.

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