Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missionary Packages

I have a nephew who just left on a mission for my church.  He spent July 4th in a missionary training center and they probably didn't really celebrate so I sent him a fun patriotic care package.

After the training he headed to Boise, Idaho where he'll teach people about our church for two years.  When missionaries are new to the mission they call them "Greenies" so I send him a green package when he arrived in Idaho.  I can't just send a plain box to I wrote "greenie" all over the outside of his with different green permanent markers.

If you're looking for other missionary care package ideas check out my Fun Mail & Packages link for past ones.

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  1. Those are so clever. They would also be fun for college kids away from home.
    I know Taylor LOVED his packages! They both were a fun surprise. Thank you!

  2. I'm here from Pinterest. I love these. I'm definitely sending the greenie one to my son who just entered the MTC a week ago today. BTW, I'm live in the Boise mission field. We know a lot of the missionaries and are in Caldwell. I wonder if we know your nephew.

    Thanks for the awesome ideas!

    1. His name is Elder Ehlers and he's from Utah. Small world. Glad you like them.

  3. These are some good tips and ideas! My son is going to be leaving on a mission soon and I'm already thinking of things I can send him across the country. You can bet I'll be sending him many boxes while he is out in the field. Hopefully I don't embarrass him too much! Thanks again.

  4. These are so amazing! I know a ton of YM going on missions in a few months, so this may come in handy...

    All of your posts are so cute and creative--especially, if I may say, the TEXAS one. Go Texas Mormons!

  5. Thank you for the ideas! My little sis is leaving for her mission to Canada July 3rd, I can't wait to send some fun packages!

  6. Cleaver packages. I really like the fourth of July package. These are great ideas. Some companies will actually put these together for you as well if you're not that creative. Thanks for sharing, great tips! http://www.missionaryboxmoms.com/