Monday, December 6, 2010

A few of my favorite things

My bff has a birthday tomorrow so, after watching Oprah a few weeks ago, I thought I'd send her a box of my favorite things. I didn't quite have the budget to give her a car, an iPad and a diamond watch but her package arrived today and she loved it anyway. I added a little tag on each thing telling her why it was my favorite brand, type, etc...of that item. Here are a few things I included:

My fav lip gloss: Victoria's Secret...always glossy and stays "sticky"
My fav M&M's: peanut butter good!
My fav candybar: Twix
My fav candy: Haribo gummy bears. I won't eat other brands.
My fav snacks: Flipz, pistachios and circus peanuts. She says she's never had circus peanuts!
My fav color: purple, thus the purple scarf
My fav pen: the new Sharpie pens...try them out!
My fav nail polish: OPI...I threw in a good Christmas red
My fav purse must: Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream.

I love Mary Engelbreight so I threw in some of her Christmas cards. I love to make lists so I threw in a list pad from the Michael's $1.00 spot. I love hot chocolate so I threw in some flavored ones. And I love having lotion on hand so I threw in a purse size Nivea hand cream.
What would you include? What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. If you love Sharpie Pens you might want to try their new liquid pencil that becomes permanent after 3 days so it is a pencil/pen! :)

    We LOVE our sharpies at my house!

  2. I love Sharpie Pens (actually i just love sharpie)...what a fantastic idea!