Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big, Giant Bubbles!

I've seen these on several sites lately and knew we had to do them. It was fun, easy and my kids (along with the neighbor kids) loved them. Try them! The best "recipe" I found was here at Tator Tots & Jello's site.

All you need are two dowels, some eye rings, cotton string, washers, dish soap and glycerin. I had most of this on hand except the glycerin (which is found in the medical supplies near the witch hazel for all of you non-glycerin experts out there). We made two sets and have had lots of fun with them. We did them without glycerin the first time, just mixing dish soap and water, and it still worked but the bubbles last longer with the glycerin.
Here are a few shots of our bubbles over the last month.

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