Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Texas Care Package & a Giveaway

I had a friend recently move to another state so I sent her a "Texas Care Package." I included some Texas themed playing cards, a keychain, stickers, a magnet, a Christmas ornament, a flag, some peanut brittle from Braum's (For all you non-Texans, Braum's has awesome ice cream but I couldn't send her that so I opted for something from there), and a cd of songs about Texas. She and her husband are Ohio State fans so I'm sure they LOVED the UT Pez dispenser.
I topped it with a card that said, "Texas Misses Y'all."
Then I put my standard Texas flag on the top and wrote their address in the white part. I do this on many out of state packages going to fellow Texans.
Do you love Texas, too? Do you want a copy of that awesome cd with great songs about Texas? Leave a comment by Saturday, December 5th and I'll pick a winner and send you one of your very own!

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  1. Of Course I LOVE Texas and I LOVE you Amy, Your blog is misnamed, it should read ALWAYS Creative! Love, Robynn

  2. You are always so creative! Love the texas theme! And drawing the flag on the box is super cute!

  3. and GRRR that i was out of town when this came out! we are IN Ohio, but NOT Ohio State fans!!! CUTE package!!!

  4. My boyfriend got his mission call to San Antonio :)

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  6. Adorable, I'd live to send an adapted "someone in Texas misses you!" To send to a friend in WI. love the CD idea! :)