Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Missionary Cards

We had a service gift exchange at church and the woman who opened (actually stole in a white elephant style game) my gift got her choice of some hand made cards. She asked for "Thank you" cards to send to her son who is serving a mission for our church in New York. The missionaries for our church dress like this six days a week:
White shirt. Tie. Black tag with their name and our church logo. (My bro-in-law and another missionary)

So, I made up the cards to look like white shirts and wrote "Thank you" in a white marker on the tags.

I'm making more to send to my bro-in-law and my nephew for Christmas.

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  1. Yes, I am the gal who "Stole" the homemade cards. I even stole it from my own daughter. She's barely speaking to me. Just kidding, she has forgiven me. Thanks again and again Amy.

  2. those are SOOOOO cute! if i had any creative bones in my body, i would make those too!!!