Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Cards

I have been crafting lately, I just haven't been blogging. I'll take some pics this week and try to post some new things. One thing I did about a month ago, while I had card supplies out and my dining room table was covered with stuff, was make a stock pile of birthday cards. It's so much easier to do an assembly line and make twenty of one card than to pull out supplies and make one at a time. I used a Stampin' Up Word Search stamp for these ones and made them pretty generic. I did a few with more embellishments but then I did a stack of simple ones. The simple ones are perfect for kids or men who don't care much about a handmade card but they're cheaper to make than buying birthday cards.
So let me tell you about this stamp. It's one of my favs. It is a word search and you circle the words you want to apply to that recipient and you can make cards, tags, whatever with it. The words you can circle include all twelve months, brother, sister, dad, mom, baby, sweet, son, daughter, boy, girl, marriages, kisses, love, yes, always, good, times, friends, think of you, welcome, happy, birthday, wishes, party, holidays, thanksgiving, new year, seasons greetings, joy, one, two, first, shop, hello, life, home, talk, you, hot, cold, water, now and fun. SO versatile. For the birthday cards I circled happy, birthday, wishes, good times and fun.

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