Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wooden Letters & Thank You Card

My sister's neighbor has a wood shop in his garage and she took my son over there one day to see his "tools." He's obsessed with tools and anything guy related. So, the nice man cut out his name in these great wood letters. He didn't paint or stain them since he wasn't sure what colors I wanted them. I think I'll let James paint them himself and then seal them. I love that they are rounded and he can play with them and arrange the letters. He also cut out a wooden toy truck for him to play with but we left it at my sister's house. He's putting together a website to sell names, alphabet sets and other small wooden toys. When he finishes it, I'll post the link.
Today, I made this card for him and took him a Sonic gift card to keep him cool while he's working in the garage in our Texas heat. I punched out the grey card stock to look like a tool peg board. I cut up strips of brown card stock and drew on them with a marker to look like wood grain and then I cut it into the small sticks to piece the words together. Then I added some flat finished silver brads to look like nails.

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