Friday, January 9, 2009

Handmade Garland

Years ago we had a very "crafty" Christmas tree. That year, I made dozens of wooden ornaments (which have somehow vanished) and I made this garland. We wrapped all of our gifts in brown paper and used jute and other strings to tie them up. For this garland I used a thick jute rope, tore up strips of fabric, painted little wooden spools, and tied on cinnamon sticks. It took HOURS to make. I worked on it for what seemed like forever. We decorated our tree in that fashion that one year and it has been packed away in a box since then. I pulled it out to take a picture this year. The fabric is a little wrinkled but it looks good still. It's really long, I didn't measure it, but it covered the entire tree. If anyone has a tree this would go with, call me...we'll talk. It's cute I just don't see myself ever using it again...unless I get that log cabin in the Rockies some day.

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