Friday, December 19, 2008

Stolen Idea

I've always liked the way Becky Higgins hangs something above her bar/counter area for each holiday...see her Christmas decor here and here and here ... and her Easter Baskets. Living in Texas, I don't have many areas over a table that don't have a ceiling fan and my dining room isn't neutral enough to do every holiday. But, I found these glitter snowflakes that tie in nicely at Target (4 for $1.00!) and bought three colors. I hung them with nylon string and love the look of them hanging from my chandelier (no ceiling fan in my dining room.) They weren't interested in all facing the camera but you get the idea.

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  1. So funny. I've loved how Becky has done this and always thought that I need to do it. But somehow I still haven't. I love yours!

  2. Too cute! I also copied Becky's idea with the snowflakes, and since I live in Texas also, I can empathize with the ceiling fan problem. I put mine above a counter in my kitchen that doesn't have upper cabinets.