Thursday, December 18, 2008


Between neighbors, the ladies I visit teach at church, teachers, my husband's co-workers, friends and family, there are always goodies to be made at Christmas time. I took some packaged items to the ladies I visit teach and sent some to work with my husband. Otherwise, I've made a little container of goodies to keep by my door for when people stop by. So, this year, I'm not making the rounds...if someone stops by, they'll get something. I got this idea off of the 2cleverblog as well as from my friend, Jennifer.

I made up some pretzels with Hershey Hugs, M & M's and pecans, some sugar cookies with white chocolate and crushed candy canes and some snowflake lollipops. I think I'll give the lollipops to the young women I teach at church since I didn't make very many. I just thought they were pretty.

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  1. i'm thinking i probably should hve just 'stopped by' your house in december. shoot!!! this year i'll remember...