Saturday, March 8, 2008

Frog In A Box

I saw this card on Martha and thought it would be fun to make. I first had to think of someone who would appreciate the amount of work it took to make. Luck would have it that my friend, Stacy, had a birthday last week and she was just the candidate. She's very creative and I knew she would appreciate a card like this. You can find the template and directions here. I used a different frog than hers and I inked the edge of the lily pad and frog to give them a little more color. I also added google eyes to the frog because google eyes are just fun.

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  1. What a cute card.
    I don't think I could give a card away that took so much energy to make. I would have to keep them and then because I had a whole pile of cute cards that I never gave away, I would have to stop making them.
    So in an effort to be efficient, I won't make any cute cards!

  2. I saw that episode, too! And I loved the card. Great job on it! Way cute.

  3. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It has a place of honor in my office. You can come visit it anytime you want to. I know it must have taken forever to make. thanks so much.