Monday, March 26, 2012

Indoor Car Wash

We have plenty of cold, winter days here so we stay in and make our own fun.  Sometimes we don't even get dressed!

For a month or so I let the kids bring in their tricycle and scooter and they ride around the house.  One day I thought it would be fun to add some interaction to their riding.  So, spur of the moment, I cut up a dollar store tablecloth into strips, stapled it to the top of a door frame (no one will ever see those holes) and we had ourselves a car wash!

They even set up a cash register on a little table with a tube from a rocket launcher and would stop and get gas there.

I got a little preview of my future as they kept asking me for gas money to put in the cash register.

Imagination is a great thing!  They played car wash for two days and invited their friends over to play as well.  And it only cost me $1.00.

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  1. oooh to be a kid again. This was like a flashback to my childhood years when we would hang things from the doorways (I thought it was the neatest thing to walk through it)

    Sometimes its nice to just stay in pjs all day! :-)


    come follow my blog all about color if you'd like! I think you'd enjoy it! :-)

  2. Love it!!!! I will have to remember that idea!