Monday, December 3, 2007

Nativity Puzzle

This was one of the first few things I made when I learned how to tole paint. The woman who's shop I learned at cut it out for me (puzzles don't allow for any mistakes). It is cut out of two identical pices of 3/4 inch pine. You use one as the background and the egde of the other for the puzzle border. I painted all of the pices and the inside of the manger as well. I love this becuase it's fun, it is a nativity and it all fits back together nicely for storage.

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  1. Your nativity puzzle is ooh la la. It looks amazing. I sold 21 puzzles Sat. at 30.00 bucks each. Yikes thats a lot of work. But oh well its all in the name of crafting. It was great to see you Sat. We need to stay in touch better. Look forward to hearing or seeing you again soon.

  2. I would love to get an unfinished copy of this puzzle. Where can I get one?

    Laura Fisher

  3. Where do you sell these? I would like to buy one. Please post a link to your Etsy, Ebay, or where you sell them. thank you!

    1. I don't sell them. This was actually cut for me back in 1999 from an old pattern book that was already out of print. I have no idea where you could find it today. So sorry!

    2. If you give me a little time, I can draw it as so U can laser cut it somewhere close to ya. Then, the artistic part is all up to you!


    3. Yes, please! I am just looking at the price and practicality of purchasing a scroll saw.
      I am not great with follow through.