Sunday, April 1, 2012

Countdown To Easter

I found this twelve day countdown to Easter via Family Volley's blog.  I love the idea of doing something each day to prepare my family for Easter and reading the story from the scriptures along the way. 

In addition to Easter this weekend, we have three birthdays and two parties this weekend.  I wanted to find something we could do to spiritually prepare for Easter among the craziness of birthday celebrations.

She lists twelve scriptures that tell the Easter Story.   You include each scripture strip along with an item for a little object lesson in an Easter Egg.  You open an egg each day and count down the twelve days to Easter.  But, if you want to start today, she included a seven day countdown as well!

I printed up the scripture strips and gathered the items.  I had everything on hand around the house.  The items include: twelve Easter Eggs, a small bar of soap, a flat stone, a crushed rock, a bay leaf, red or purple fabric, white fabric strips, twine or rope, dice, coins, bread or a sacrament cup, and a small nail.

I placed each item, with it's corresponding scripture, into a large Easter Egg and labeled them 1-12.  I put ours in an Easter basket.

We started this week and they are enjoying opening the eggs and seeing what is inside.  I love the idea that we can just read a little each night, review the prior nights and focus on Easter each day.  Even if it is just for a few minutes before our family prayer. 

Had I thought ahead, I could have made some of these up for gifts.  Maybe next year. 

Thanks for the idea, Heather!

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