Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tilano Fresco Photo Tiles

Getting ready for company or a party sure motivates me to get things done around the house that I've been putting off. 

Finishing up some Tilano Fresco Tiles with my daughter's baby picture on them made the list this time around.

I had four tiles done from before she was born.  Two had pictures of my husband and I and two had newborn pictures of our son.  I ordered another Tilano Fresco Tile kit after she was born (THREE YEARS AGO!  I know, I'm on the ball, right?).  And I never did them.

The Fresco Tile kit comes with two 8 x 8 blocks of mdf, the mud, glaze, medium, transfer paper, brush, spreader, roller, cheesecloth....everything you need to complete the project.  They even have step by step instructions with photos and a video online of how to complete the project. 

Well, it comes with enough to mud to do another piece or two on your own.  Last Christmas, I busted out her kit and did the mud, crackle and glaze steps on the tiles as well as completing this photo tile for my niece on another piece of wood I had and the extra transfer paper that came in the kit.  I had every intention of completing her two tiles after Christmas.  Um, yeah...

So, last week I printed up her newborn photos, got the transfers done and slapped those puppies together.  I didn't mud the edges of the other ones so I just painted these to match with a little black and brown mixture.

I hung the group of six on the wall and I'm so glad I finally finished them three years late!  You can transfer the image any size you want.  I chose to leave a one inch border around my photos because the first set had some really dark ones and I wanted to be able to see the "tile" part of them.  I also tore the edges to give the photos more of a distressed look.  You can mix it up any way you want.

Here's my baby girl.  She had the chubbiest cheeks.

I love that they look like an old tile, but they are light and easy to hang on the wall.

I got several compliments on them at my party and everyone wanted to know how I made them.  So, here you go, ladies.  You can tile the edges of yours, add words or even do your wedding invitation.  They have ideas for the Tilano Fresco Kit here and of the Da Vinci Tile kit (just one tile that is rectangular instead of square) here.

When I ordered the kit, I got a free Canvas Transfer Kit at the time so I'll have to do that (what?  You're surprised it's still in the box?) and post that soon.

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