Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moss Wreath

In thinking about making a green wreath for St. Patrick's Day I decided to just make a spring wreath to cover me until summer. And a green moss one just happened to look good for St. Patrick's Day and into spring so that's what I went with.

I used a grapevine wreath but if I did it again I'd go with straw or foam since mine is a little misshaped.

Step 1. Lay down a dollar store tablecloth. You'll be glad you did.
Step 2. Glue on your foam. I mixed and matched and looking at it now, I'd probably just go with one kind if I did it again. I used hot glue to adhere to the grapevine but you could certainly use something a little simpler on a foam or straw form.

Step 3. Relish in your good decision to lie down that tablecloth so you can wrap it up and throw it away. That moss is messy stuff!
Step 4. Glue on a nest and some eggs.
Step 5. Step back and enjoy your spring wreath until summer...or fall, depending on how ambitious you get.
My end result has mixed emotions from me. It looks very splotchy. I'd potentially rip it apart and start again but I don't even think I'll use the same wreath so I may just start over from scratch next year. But, this works for now.

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