Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mike Wazowski

My son LOVES Monster's Inc so we went with that theme for our costumes this year. He dressed up as Sulley. I found the costume on eBay as well as blue Monster's Inc construction hats for my husband and I. I whipped up this Mike Wazowski treat bag this morning out of colored flannel.
Here he is trick-or-treating with it.
Here he is with his Mike Wazowski pumpkin.
Here I am with my Monster's Inc. hat on and a shirt I added iron ons to. My husband and I wore the construction hats and a white t-shirts with jeans. I printed the Monster's Inc logo for the fronts of the shirts and this saying for the back then I ironed them on. Oh, and my baby girl was "Boo."

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  1. You are BRILLIANT! My two year old girl loves Monsters, Inc so much she insists on being called "Boo." (Really, she'll correct you if you call her by her given name.) So for Halloween, my daughter was Boo, but we couldn't figure out simple themed costumes for my husband and me. I wish I'd read this post before Halloween!
    --Jill, from Jill Made It

  2. Can you make one of these bags to sell? Please and thank you!