Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snowflakes for All Seasons

I picked up this book a couple of years ago and forgot all about it. It's called Snowflakes for All Seasons by Cindy Higham. I think older kids would really dig this book. The list price on it is just $9.95. It has 72 "easy-to-make" snowflake patterns for all holidays and seasons. The "easy-to-make" part is debatable. Some of them are pretty intricate that they're hard to cut just right. But, they are pretty cool designs. I pulled out the book today and cut out the 4th of July snowflakes they had patterns for. My son is really into cutting these days so I gave him the junk mail to cut up while I cut these out. While we are sometimes creative, we are also sometimes messy. Here's our mess:
Here's a red star snowflake.
Here's a blue Statue of Liberty snowflake.
Here's a white Liberty Bell & Firecracker snowflake.
Here they are hung in our window. I only cut out four snowflakes today. If I were having a party or actually being social this weekend I may have cut more but these four work for us.

Stay tuned for more snowflakes as the seasons and holidays change.

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