Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pencil Can

For some reason I've collected colored pencils over the years and I just can't throw them out. I consolidated all of them a while back from a bag, a few broken boxes and a set that was my sons. There were too many to fit in a pencil box and he just kept dumping them out when they were in a ziploc bag (and they'd poke through the bag). So I took my Carnation Instant Breakfast can, cleaned it out, wrapped it in paper and I have a new can to hold all* of my pencils. He takes one or two out at a time now and puts them back, no dumping! Hooray! And, this looks much nicer than a plastic bag full of them. Now if I could just find a solution for the hundreds of markers and crayons I have...
*When I say "all" of my colored pencils I mean the cheap ones that I don't mind letting anyone, including my two year old, color with. I keep my Prismacolors in the closet. I don't share those!

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  1. So you're a pencil snob?
    I would have never guessed!

  2. It's not so much that I'm a pencil's that my Prismacolors cost a lot more than Crayola pencils so I'd like to save them for when I actually want to use them.