Monday, April 21, 2008

#1 Party

For my baby's first birthday I wanted to do a #1 themed party. I bought this pinata online at Celebrate Express and took inspiration for everything else from it. I also bought balloons from their site with #1s on them but didn't buy any of the "cheesy" paper goods or other #1 products. I used paper plates and cute blue and green SOLO cups I bought at Sam's club.

I made #1 shaped invitations. I printed them out, cut the shape, mounted them onto navy cardstock and cut the shape again.

I made #1 chocolate lollipops for party favors. I bought the molds online then I bought melting chocolates and made them up in batches by color. They were very easy and quick to make. My husband made me make some dark chocolate ones since all of the other colors were white chocolate (even though they didn't match!). I had wrapped 4 foam cubes in wrapping paper and ribbon to look like a present and planned to put lollipops into each one on each table. It was so windy that we had to tie the boxes to the picnic tables so we put them all on one table but it was a cute, easy way to display them. I found the molds here.

I saw a #1 shaped cake pan online but I didn't really like it. I chose cupcakes instead and they were easier since the party was at a park. I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with blue and green butter cream frosting. I threw some blue, green and white sprinkles on and then I put little tags in each one that I made. I made up the tags on the computer, printed them out, punched them, ran them through a Xyron and put two sides together on a long toothpick. They had #1s , the word "one" and pictures of him eating his cake the week before. I had plans to arrange them cutely in the tables but it was so windy, we just pulled them out, sang "Happy Birthday" and ate them. Here are the tags: Here they are on the cupcakes:

I made a #1 shirt for him to wear. I bought a $4.99 ringer t-shirt at Target. I cut out a #1 from some cotton, ironed it on the t-shirt and then stitched around it.

I made thank you cards with the left over pictures I had printed and punched out.

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  1. It almost makes me want to have another baby so I can steal/copy your idea.
    The next birthday I have coming up is Tal's and it just wouldn't fit 41!

  2. it is just too adorable with all that #1 stuff. heck, he is one spoiled baby! and he probably doesn't even know whats going on!
    happy birthday James!

  3. i found your site from creative parties blog. my daughter is coming up on her first birthday, well, in 4 months =) i start early. anyway, i was wondering about the candy molds. since there is only one "1" on each mold do you just keep making one at a time over and over. is there some sort of trick to this?

  4. WoW! I love this party. It is adorable. Great job Mama!

  5. Love the Number 1 Mold...where can I buy online? I will order today! Thanks!

  6. I bought the molds at

  7. i love this party so much... just wanted you to know i featured you on my blog today!

  8. this idea is so cute, i just wanted to let you know that i'm stealing it for my son's first birthday in Jan. Great job!